Tech PD – KET Encyclomedia Classroom Management Tools – Jan. 23rd

Technology PDOur next district Technology PD (Teacher Academy) is scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd from 4 – 6 p.m. in the Roby Elementary School Computer Lab.This will be asession on Individualizing KET Media to meet the needs of your students.We will explore how to create a KET Class that will allow you to use various tools within KET with your students on an indivudal and assigned basis. We will demonstrate how these tools align to the Common Core and how they are easily managed by you. KET offers many building tools, quiz opportunities, and individualized lessons.
Register–click on the PD Link – click on the KET Encyclomedia Tools on Thursday, January 23rd from 4-6 PM.
Prior to attending this training, it would be helpful if you know your KET EncycloMedia login or if you could email your TIS to get your username and password if you have forgotten.
Have a wonderful week,

Substitute and Student Teacher Accounts

Sub / Student Teacher Accounts –

  • Sub Folder / Logins Substitute teachers have computer login accounts after they have officially been hired (with background checks). The directions for saving “digital files” and lesson plan information for subs to access is attached to this email. Remember that ALL subs will have email but only “long-term” subs will have saving rights to a school programs folder or eLocker this year.  Each substitute teacher goes through a 2-hour technology training that will allow them to use the technology in your room without having to share your passwords (this includes KETMedia…download and save any videos within the folder and do not leave your login information).  You SHOULD NEVER share your passwords (not even for United Streaming or Promethean Planet) with anyone.  Cheat sheet for Sub Folder Saving Directions.
  • Student TeachersStudent Teachers are now eligible to have a user account in order to streamline the process of communicating with their cooperating teacher(s).  These accounts will be active for the length of the student teaching assignment only and will be set to expire at the end of the assignment.  Student teachers will have email access but NOT be on the school distribution list…the cooperating teacher will need to forward any relevant information to the student teacher as necessary.  Please see your school STC or LMS for more information on gaining user accounts for student teachers.

Adobe and Java Updates are Important

Computer Updates (click name for PDF file)-  Many updates are appearing at the bottom of your screen and should be installed when prompted as these could be vital to your programs running efficiently (Java, Adobe Flashplayer, Adobe Reader).  If you look in the bottom RIGHT corner of your computer screen, you will see update notifications from time to time.  To check for these updates click on the triangle and a notification window will pop up. These appear periodically after network updates especially to JAVA and Adobe that you need to activate. Please refer to the directions attached to this message to install needed updates to your computer when they appear.

BEWARE when Updating Adobe FlashPlayer – Please click INSTALL when the black box pops up, however, please DO NOT just click UPDATE NOW in gold (as seen below), until you have UNCHECKED the Install Chrome box (as seen in the picture below).  Google Chrome is being installed on computers, and in some cases, web tools or specific testing sites that your students need and enjoy using are no longer loading correctly.

NOTE:  Students cannot install Adobe Flashplayer so this needs to be done by a staff member for each computer, but please beware NOT to install Chrome when updating.  We highly suggest a teacher login to all of the lab computers at some point and run the updates that appear in the bottom right corner.

Disclaimer:  The checkbox below states that Chrome will become the “default browser” if it is installed with this link. If you accidentally install Chrome, please email me and I will tell you how to fix this issue.  However, if you choose to install Google Chrome as a backup browser, please do it separately on the Google site, but note that some programs may malfunction within Chrome.

Important TECHNOLOGY Updates / Needs before School Starts

Please do the following before school starts:

  1. TURN ON all computers NOW- a numerous amount of updates went out this summer and turning on your computers now will allow them to receive the updates in a timely manner or pop up any issues that may have occurred with the updates.
  2. Technology Work Order System TEACHER PROFILE and LOCATION update – you will be prompted to update your location and profile information every time you login to the work order system for the first few weeks of school.  We had to make this a prompt to be sure that everyone made the necessary changes and work orders went to the appropriate schools, STC’s, technology guys.  Thank you for your patience while these changes take place.
  3. Technology Work Order – if you experience any issues in your classroom when you return, please fill out a technology work order and the guys will get to you as soon as possible.  If they do not have a work order, they cannot service/troubleshoot your technology issue.  The work order system can be found at
  4. eLocker Clean Out eLockers have been expanded again, however eLockers are overflowing and data is compromised when space becomes an issue.
    1. Please, please clean out any unnecessary files in your eLocker and back them up to a portable hard drive, Dropbox or account, SkyDrive account, portable flash drive, a home computer, or another storage avenue when possible.  (Having files in more than one location is always a plus!)
    2. You will get a warning when you have reached a threshold limit.  Please adhere to this warning as this means your specific eLocker could be compromised if space is not freed.  (Videos are usually a big culprit when looking at space issues.)
    3. If red appears on the eLocker status bar, that does not mean you are at your threshold; the entire drive is at its threshold, but that is a good warning to be sure to clean out your eLocker often.

Technology Integration Planning Ideas and Support

It has been great to see everyone back and ready to roll for a super new school year!  I want to remind you a little bit about my role as TIS / Instructional Technology Integrationist. Remember I am available to plan, collaborate, or co-teach with you as well as model lessons that include various technology integration ideas.  Don’t be afraid to ask or explore something new like Edmodo, BYOD, Prezi, Glogster, Other Web Tools, etc.  I am hoping to work from the model “I do, We do, You do”.  We can then plan lessons for modeling and co-teaching as you plan for using the technology.

I’m NEVER too busy to do my job which is to assist you with technology and training so please don’t hesitate to ask.  I will do my best, within meeting the needs of seven schools, to communicate, support, and plan with you as much as possible.

Please include the following when you email me about meeting:

1.     Activity / Device (planning, training, modeling, and on which device, etc.)

2.     A FEW Days and Times you are available (especially if you have to work around computer lab schedules) so that I can easily look in my calendar and we don’t have to email back and forth trying to figure out a good time to meet.

3.     Specific Lesson Ideas or Needs


There are a few things to think about as you plan for the year:

1.     BYOD – (Bring Your Own Device) – If you are interested in trying this in your classroom, signature forms can be found at .  I will come do an introduction with you and your students and be available to train and guide you through the process using various activities.  Please keep in mind that there is organizational planning to house the devices when not in use that must be addressed prior to implementing BYOD in your classroom.  This will be a great way to use technology and not be tied to a computer lab.  Let me know if and when you are ready to tackle this in your classroom.

2.     Lesson Plan Generator (ePlan) This is the district online lesson planning tool. It is up to the principal as to whether usage is required for your school.  Let me know if you need an introductory training.  The ePlan site can be found at – http://eplan.bullittschools.orgYour login for ePlan is your Infinite Campus username and password. Cheat sheets and additional resources can be found at – .

3.     Student Email Training – If you are a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade teacher and haven’t signed up for student email training, please get with me as soon as possible so that I can get you on my calendar.  Please remember that 4th and 5th graders still have an active email account and would only need a refresher if you choose to do this in the lab.  The only students that I will absolutely need to see are the “new 4th/5th grade students” and we can work out a time that they could possibly meet with the 3rd grade classes as I train them in the lab.  I recommend 3rd grade classes waiting until after Fall Break so that students are acclimated to everything else, but that is up to you after you get a scope on your students.  Times will fill up in the computer labs as well as my calendar (not to mention MAP testing in September), so 3rd grade teachers, please email me when possible.  It is best if we can do an entire grade level training on one or two days, but completely understand if times have to be split due to computer lab usage.  THIS will open up so many avenues when using tools to meet and exceed the common core ELA standards. 

4.     Common Core / ELA / Technology Integration If you would like to begin planning projects or are not sure about what to do to meet an ELA standard, please be sure to visit our Student Work section of our Technology Website –

5.     Technology Website – Please be sure to check out the numerous resources on our Technology website. There are tons of things for you under the resources tab, please feel free to use and share.

6.     AUP / AUP Quiz – You will not be required to take the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) Quiz this year.  However, you will need to sign the form from your LMS/STC so that he / she can have it on file.

7.     Technology PD – We will continue to offer a district technology PD session once a month.  These sessions are generally held at Roby Elementary School from 4 – 6 PM on the indicated dates.  Session topics are determined closer to the date as various technology needs in the district arise.  These dates will listed very soon on our PD site for you to register.  This year’s dates are:  August 22nd (Alternative Website Creation Tools to WordPress such as Weebly, etc.) September 19th, October 24th, November 21st, December 12th, January 23rd, February 20th, March 20th, and May 8th.  The PD site can be found at:     

BCPS Social Networking Permission Forms

Many of you have shown an interest in creating and maintaining a Facebook or Twitter (even Pinterest if you plan to share a Pinterest board with your parents or students for resources) page for your classroom to connect with parents and/or students through BYOD.  The BCPS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) states that if you plan to create a Facebook or Twitter page for educational/classroom use (this does not apply for personal use), it must be a Facebook PAGE and not a Group (see attached document) / Twitter and Pinterest Boards/Pages are “followed” anyway but you can set up ‘follow approval’ settings on Twitter/Pinterest as needed.

  • Attached is the form in order for you to fill out and gain permission to create an educational/classroom page, two Facebook cheat sheets (and this site –, and three Twitter cheat sheets.
  • The form is also posted on our Technology website along with other various FB and Twitter resources – .  (These cheat sheets may also benefit some of you that are exploring these media sites for your own PLN – Professional Learning Network.)

Please print the attached form, fill out the needed information, answer the questions and submit the form with the required signatures (principal must sign off on your page submission) for approval.  After Jim Jackson (DTC) has approved your request, a copy will be kept on file in the Technology Department and a copy will be returned to you letting you know that you may proceed with creating and using your Classroom Facebook/Twitter Page.

  • Note 1:  If you already have a classroom FB or Twitter site and are monitoring it regularly, you should have an approved form on file and there is no need to fill out a new form each year.
  • Note 2:  Sites that do not require an email address, age 13 verification, or parent approval such as Edmodo do not need a form submitted.  If you are unsure about your page and if a social media site needs approval, please email me and I will help you with the approval process.

If you have any questions, need assistance or guidance as to appropriate uses for Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for your class, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

ATTENTION Needed: Adobe FlashPlayer Update

Adobe FlashPlayer sent out another update today.  Please click INSTALL when the black box pops up, however, please DO NOT just click UPDATE NOW, until you have UNCHECKED the Install Chrome box (as seen in the picture below).  Google Chrome is being installed on computers in the lab and, in some cases, web tools that your students enjoy using to create projects are no longer loading correctly.  Students cannot install Adobe Flashplayer so this needs to be done by a staff member.


The checkbox below states that it will become the “default browser” if it is installed with this link. If you choose to install Google Chrome as a backup browser, please do it separately on the Google site, but note that some programs may malfunction within Chrome.  





NEEDED – Student Tech Projects on District Technology Site

We will soon be “refreshing” our Student Technology Projects page on our Technology website.  We would like to feature 2012-2013 projects on our District Technology Website!Any” technology project (Voki, Glogster, Powerpoint, Photostory, Moviemaker, iMovie, Audacity, Animoto, Stories created through an app, Newspapers, Social Media feeds that could be snapshots of learning – Edmodo, Kidblog, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.  Pictures of the students completing the projects would be wonderful as well so please send anything my way.  Even if I may not have been directly involved in the creation and don’t know what has been done, I do know that we have wonderful teachers who have used their technology knowledge and taught students how to create some wonderful technology projects.  We want to feature you and your student’s projects!

Thanks to those who have already sent projects from your classroom!  If you have technology projects that you completed in your classroom and would like to see those projects featured on our district technology website, please send me the project, place it in the school programs folder (tell me where), or give me their project login information and I will retrieve the project for upload. If you are unsure how to retrieve the project or get the project to me, send me an email and we can brainstorm together.

PLEASE NOTE:  We also need to make sure the featured students have a release form signed so that their names, photos, etc. can be on the Internet if needed.

If you could get the projects (student names) to me as soon as possible, I can start compiling those resources and placing the projects on our website.  If you have any questions or need anything, please let me know.

Name / School Change for 2013-2014 School Year

If you have had or will have a name change this school year (summer), please remember that you will need to request your login / email account to be changed by submitting a technology work order.

When you open a new ticket, be sure to choose “User Account Name Change” as the reason. After this, just fill in the requested information. These work order requests will go directly to Andy Hobbs for the computer / email login account to be changed and to see that everything is forwarded and moved over correctly from your old name to your new name.

NOTE: Please remember that this work order request is only for your computer / email login account information.

  • Any other site that you have access to within the district (Compass, United Streaming, etc.) will have to be changed by going through your TIS.
  • If it is an outside source (web tool) such as Glogster, Animoto, Voki, etc. you will contact those sites directly to make any changes.
  • To officially change your name for the district (retirement, insurance, etc.) please be sure to visit the Human Resources Department.

Lync – Video Conferencing Information

You’ve heard us discuss Microsoft LYNC that was included with the new WEBMAIL link ( ). What is it? Check out the page below on our Technology Website for videos on how to use LYNC, what it is, and how it could help you and your students in the classroom.  If you would like to know more about Lync, please email me and I’ll help you get your Lync setup on your computer.  Even if you don’t get it up and running this year, please begin to plan this summer so you can use Lync next year.  We have many ways you can use Lync throughout the district.

Install Directions

Quick Reference

Items Needed:

  • Webcam hooked to your computer / mic on webcam or separate (or one on your laptop)
  • Lync installed on your Computer through Webmail
  • Contacts through Lync (added to your Lync account)

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