About Us

We’re all about EDUCATION!

Community Education Program / Community Partners for Learning

We are here to serve the educational needs of the community and Bullitt County Public Schools.  Our goals are to offer adult classes, work with businesses, train volunteers and partner with the other service organizations in the county.  

The Center is equipped with a classroom which may be used for meetings and classes. 

As we move forward, we would like to stress that you – the parents, family and community members – are a great asset to children’s success in school.  Your enthusiasm and involvement shows them that learning is important.  Take time to ask about their school day, go over their homework with them and volunteer in our schools.  The more involved you are, the more they will be!

As always, the Community Education Program is here to serve the community.  Please send suggestions for classes you would like to take or to teach and we will do our best to implement them.  As this program is self-sustaining, we also ask that you, the community members and businesses support our program through participation in our events and through sponsorship ads in the magazine to offset printing costs.

 We look forward to working with you in the upcoming year.

502-869-6800                    1470 Highway 44 East, Shepherdsville