It is the student’s responsibility to learn and observe classroom expectations every day. Below is a list of the student behavior to follow in my classroom.


 The Bruin Way


1-Be Responsible!


2-Be Respectful!


3-Be Safe!


4-Be Here!



It is the student’s job to follow the rules to the best of their ability. All students are responsible for knowing and observing these rules. Violation of these rules shall resort in disciplinary action. Any one or a combination of the following actions may be used, not necessarily in the order listed:

  1. Teacher warning
  2. Seat movement
  3. Think sheet
  4. Parent contact
  5. Cafeteria Isolation
  6. Office Referral (Bruin Report)
  7. Before or After-School Detention
  8. Teacher/Student Conference
  9. Parent Conference
  10. In School Alternative Program (ISAP)