6th Grade Science Syllabus / Ms. Clack


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

 I am pleased to be your child’s 6th grade science teacher for the 2014-2015 school year. This is my 7th year teaching science at BernheimMiddle School. I am looking forward to working with your child and I know with your help that we can make this a great year for everyone especially for the students.


Materials that students will need for my class:

1.     Three prong pocket folder

2.     Loose leaf paper

3.     Spiral notebook (70 to 100 pages) to keep as a science journal

4.     Pencils

5.     Markers or colored pencils


Grades will be based upon points from tests, quizzes, labs, projects, science journal, participation and class work. 60% of their grade will be based upon class work, science journal, participation and labs. The other 40% will be based upon tests, quizzes and projects. Students will be given ample time to finish their work during class but if they waste time in class they may have homework. Any work turned in late will be marked off 5 points per day.  If a student is absent it is their responsibility to ask for their make up work. They will be given one day for every day they are absent to make up the missing assignments.


The grading scale is as follows:

A = 90-100

B = 80-89

C = 70-79

D = 60-69


Bernheim Middle utilizes a positive behavior program which includes the student expectations at school as well as in the classroom. It is the student’s responsibility to learn and observe these expectations every day. Below is a list of the student behavior to follow in my classroom.


   The Bruin Way

  1-Be Responsible!


  2-Be Respectful!


  3-Be Safe!


  4-Be Here!



 It is the student’s job to follow the student expectations to the best of their ability. All students are responsible for knowing and observing these rules. Violation of these rules shall resort in disciplinary action. Any one or a combination of the following actions may be used, not necessarily in the order listed:


1.                  Teacher warning

2.                  Seat movement

3.                  Think sheet

4.                  Parent contact

5.                  Cafeteria Isolation (lunch detention)

6.                  Office Referral (Bruin Report)

7.                  Before or After-School Detention

8.                  Teacher/Student Conference

9.                  Parent Conference

10.              In School Alternative Program (ISAP)


Please email me or call with any questions or concerns. My email address is kelli.clack@bullitt.kyschools.us and Bernheim’s phone number is 502-869-4000.


 Thank You,

 Kelli Clack

6th  Grade Science Teacher






Please tear off the bottom of this paper and return it to Mrs. Clack with a

parent/guardian signature by Tuesday, August 12, 2014.



I have read and understand the student expectations for my child in Mrs. Clack’s science

class for 2014-2015 school year.



Student Name: ______________________    Student Signature: ______________________



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