Why read 20 minutes at home each night? 

children readingLet’s do the math.

20 minutes x 5 nights = 100 minutes per week

100 minutes x 4 weeks = 400 minutes per month

400 minutes x 9 months = 3,600 minutes per school year

In other words, 20 minutes of reading each night would be the same as adding 10 extra instructional days focused solely on reading practice to your child’s year!

This also means that any student that is NOT reading daily is MISSING 10 days of reading practice that their peers are getting.

Reading and Thinking Strategies you can help your child develop as they interact with the text they are reading include:

  1. Monitor for meaning. Does what they are reading make sense?
  2. Use prior knowledge (or schema). What do they already know that helps them understand what they are reading now?
  3. Ask questions. What are they wondering about as they read?
  4. Infer and draw conclusions. What clues were in the text to help them create meaning?
  5. Use sensory images. What can they visualize, hear, or feel as they read the text?
  6. Summarize and determine importance. What were the important things to remember about the text?
  7. Synthesize information. What pieces of information from the text can they put together with existing knowledge to create a new or larger meaning or way of thinking?

The following are great websites you can use to engage your children in literacy activities from home!


GameGoo Fun phonemic awareness and phonics games for primary grades K-3

Starfall Fun phonics and texts for beginning readers K-2

WeGiveBooksRead a book and give a free book to a child who needs it. All kinds of titles and interests for all ages. Very neat site!

StorylineOnLine Celebrities reading favorite books with you. For all ages.

MrsP Mrs. P’s Magic Library is a fun interactive library which has lots of titles she’ll read aloud with you.

StoryBirdVery cool site for publishing your own books. You can even write with a friend. Take the tour to learn how to navigate this creative site. Parent navigation would likely be needed for younger students.

ScholasticRead or write book reviews.

CompassLearningThis site provides your child with instruction individualized just for them based on their most recent MAP scores. Great interactive site!!!