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Shew, I have finally made all of the changes (that I am aware of) to the blog sites, KET, Compass, etc.  If you have previously used the Blog site, you will use the same username and password, but with a different blog address –

EVERYONE should have their own login to their team blog site and should not be sharing usernames and passwords.  If you do not know your login or cannot access your blog site, please email me and I will be sure you are on the correct blog and possibly reset your password.

New to the District –  I have emailed you the link and login information to ALL district-owned or used accounts (KET, Compass, ePlan, VBrick, Promethean Planet, etc.).  School level accounts like GoMath, Scholastic, Read180, Envision Math, etc. will need to come from the person in charge of those accounts.  (I would start with the LMS or Computer Lab Teacher and they can direct you to the building admin.)

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with your logins.

Have a great first week of school,


PostHeaderIcon **IMPORTANT Technology Shutdown for the Summer**

We have just about made it through another year – WAHOO! 

Listed below you will find more detailed explanations of how to “close down” the technology in your classroom for the summer.

  • Computers / Printers / Equipment-  If you are moving from one room to another, please keep in mind that any piece of technology (Computers, Printers, ActivBoard, Document Cameras, etc.) needs to remain as part of the room you are in now.  Computers are named specifically per room and printers are assigned and tagged per room, which makes it easier to locate and identify if there is a repair issue and for inventory.  If the computer or printer is moved and then does not get the proper name change, it may be harder to locate for needed repairs or to receive necessary updates. There are a few cases where computers may need to be moved to accommodate space and/or staffing but those need to approved through the principal and STC in collaboration with TIS and/or Jim Jackson.
    • SHUTTING down – Please be sure your computer and monitor are turned off (not just logged off) over the summer.  Any updates sent out will automatically turn the computers on and off as needed.
  • Saving Files - Any files that you have should be saved into your “eLocker / My Documents folder / Documents Library” which can be accessed from any computer within the district or by logging onto your eLocker from home; so no need to move a computer from room to roomIf you are saving to your Desktop on a regular basis, you need to move those files to your eLocker before leaving for the summer to ensure they are there when you return.
  • ActivBoards - Please try to COVER your ActivBoard. Some schools are being painted this summer and others are getting in-depth cleaning, so it would be advisable that you cover your ActivBoard.  The cheapest way to protect your board is to use a WHITE “fitted sheet” (Dollar Store, etc.) – preferably white in case fluids would get on the board; it may bleed and leave a permanent stain.  This sheet will keep any debris from the ceiling or walls as well as paint splatters from adhering to your board.  This will also alleviate constant sun damage that may have some lasting effect on your board depending on the location in your room.
    • Slates – If you are in a room with a wireless slate (ActivSlate) please leave it OFF of the charger for the summer.
    • Pens / Wands - Be sure to put your ActivBoard pens/wands in a safe, locked location.
    • ActivBoard Power / Volume - Those rooms that have the  BLACK ActivBoards with speakers, please be sure to TURN OFF the volume button located on the left side of your board (it is OFF when the button is RED).
  • Mobile Devices (iPads, iPods, Nooks, Android Tablets, Kindles, etc.)-  Please LOCK UP all mobile devices over the summer if you are not taking them home. Do NOT leave the devices charging or the charging chord plugged in over the summer as this draws unnecessary electricity.  
  • Response Systems / Clickers – Please return all sets of clickers to the librarian (if your school checks out through the library) or lock them in a cabinet over the summer.
  • Microphones / Audio Enhancement AMP box –  If you are in a room with a microphone / amp, please leave the Microphone OFF of the charger and unplug the charger from the wall while out for the summer.  Please TURN OFF your amp (located in your cabinet).
  • Document Cameras - The Elmo document cameras should come with a plastic “cover” bag.  Older Lumens or Dukane document cameras can be covered with a small trash bag.  This will keep dust from getting on the surface of the lens, etc.  Please be sure Document Cameras are OFF (when the button is red).

If you have any other questions regarding your equipment and keeping it safe this summer, please let me know. 

 Thank you and have a wonderful summer,


PostHeaderIcon LYNC VideoConferencing Installation Instructions

For those of you that are ready to Install “Lync Video Conferencing” this year and try it, the installation instructions are attached to this email.  Please DO NOT feel like you have to do this installation this year.  This is only for those that would like to test or play with Lync in order to begin planning for ways to utilize this wonderful tool next year.  You only need a webcam with a microphone or an external microphone/headset for sound.  **You can also install this on your home computer and play with this during the summer. **


*Remember that you can “invite” others to a meeting so they do not need a video conferencing account (Lync, Skype, etc.) of their own in order to conference. 

To learn more about this feature, please contact me. *


NOTE:  In order to install Lync, you must be logged into WEBMAIL (through the Internet). Please remember that this must be installed on “every” computer where you plan to use Lync Video Conferencing.


Webmail vs. Outlook Desktop Application


Webmail –Through the Internet at (school link, district link, shortcut link, etc.). If you have an Internet bar at the top of your screen, you are using webmail.  You will also have a TAB with your name if you are using webmail.

Outlook Desktop Application – You will NOT have an Internet bar at the top of your screen. You will have an Outlook icon on your desktop.  Your name will appear at top of the screen and say “Microsoft Outlook” to the right of your name.



Apps:  Lync 2013 is an iPad app and Lync 2010 is an Android app if you would like to install it on one of those devices.  Even if you don’t have a camera on your device, you can use the messaging section within Lync.


Additional Information can be found on our District Technology site:

Have a great day,


PostHeaderIcon Substitute Teacher Account / Access Reminders

Happy Monday!  Have a wonderful week!  Please do not hesitate to contact me for technology planning / integration needs.

 Here are a few reminders about Substitute Accounts and their access to files.


  • Day to day to subs DO have login / email accounts. Please feel free to use email to communicate with them if needed for arranging jobs, for lesson plan information, or for reporting on how their day went.


  • Day to day subs DO NOT have access to the F: Drive / Programs Folder.  You need to either save your lesson plan information in the Sub folder located on your computer’s C: drive, email them your plans, or let them know how to access them from your website. 



  • Day to day subs ARE NOT part of any school’s email distribution list.


  • Long Term subs DO have access to the F: Drive / Programs Folder as well as the school email distribution list for the duration of the time in the long term position.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! 

Have a great week,


PostHeaderIcon Reminder – Accessing Files (eLocker / ActivInspire) from Home (Bullitt Cloud)

Below is a reminder of the available options for “Bullitt cloud” so that you are able to access your files from home or anywhere outside of a district school building / office building.  The directions for accessing “Bullitt Cloud” can be found on our District Technology Website:

Bullitt Cloud is a way for staff and students to access their most frequently used programs, as well as their eLocker, off campus. The cloud allows access to applications such as Microsoft Office (Office Libre for students) via the web browser rather than installing these programs/applications on your home machine. The applications are also available on mobile devices as well as computers. Below is a list of applications that are currently published. 

Let me know if you need help or would like to visit this collaboratively with your students. This is so much more user-friendly and has greater functionality for your students.


  • eLocker Access – easily access your elocker, copy and paste files using right click rather than saving and uploading
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Products – latest Office products rather than purchasing them for your home computer
  • ActivInspire – Notice you can use ActivInspire from home without loading it onto your computer and taking up space.  It also has the “Subjects” resources available on this application since your home version may not.


Have a great week!!




PostHeaderIcon Video / Live TV Resources in District

You have two wonderful resources for video streaming of live and saved video content. Please let me know if you need access to these sites or if you would like additional training on how to integrate these into your curriculum.

VBrick – Video Broadcasting System purchased by and housed here in the district. is the new website where VBrick can be found (those taking care of the school websites, please make this change on your links) – all previous content in the old site was transferred to the new site so nothing was lost. This site allows you to watch LIVE TV, have your LMS record Live TV shows for you, as well as watch pre-recorded Live shows or recorded VHS / DVD’s from other schools. This site can only be used on the Bullitt County network so you cannot access it at home. Videos can be shared through email, saved on your website, or clipped to create small sections for quick clips during lessons.
Username – first name.last name (e.g susan.jenkins) or old username first initial last name (e.g sjenkins)
Password – password you use every day to login to the computer
If you cannot access VBrick, please let me know.

KET Media / United Streaming – is Kentucky’s Streaming Video content library. There are numerous videos that you can use for instruction through downloading, streaming, or sharing. Much of the content is very good and still widely used throughout the district. This site can be accessed at home and carries lesson plan information, various other content that goes along with the topic you are using.
You have a specific username and password you created (or that was created for you) when you originally signed up for KET. If you do not remember the username or password, please email me and I will have those sent to you.
There are folders for Saving and Sharing content so you don’t have to download videos nor share videos in the School Programs folder.

Please let me know if you would like to know more about these video resources.

Have a great week,

PostHeaderIcon BYOD / Mobile Devices / Old Device Donations


Good Morning to you on this COLD day!   

I have been meeting with several elementary classes in the last few days who have come on board with allowing students to bring devices for use in the classroom for various purposes.  Many of you have already been doing this since last year or the beginning of this year.  Mobile devices are a great resource for reading, research, note taking, videos and photographs, Program Review implementation, and having immediate access to technology tools when computer labs are used for other requirements. 

We highly recommend that you spread the word to everyone about donating old iPhones or iPads.  Many people have recently acquired new / replacement devices and have those old ones just lying around not being used.  These devices can be restored to original formatting and used as a standalone iPod/iPad.  Please get with me about restoring so that your phone/tablet is properly formatted and ready to use effectively in the classroom. 

At this time, we do not suggest asking for other smart phones (Android, etc.) since they are not iPod ready; however if you would like to test this on your own, please let us know. 

For more information on BYOD visit the link on our District Technology Website:

 Have a wonderful week!


PostHeaderIcon Technology Purchasing for the Holidays

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Enjoy the well-deserved time off!







With just days until Christmas, here is some help with your holiday gift giving. Faculty and Staff (parents and students also) can purchase computers from Dell, HP and Apple along with Microsoft Software at KY State Contract prices. Just go here  and click on the link to the manufacturer of your choice. 

 If you still want to purchase Windows 7 or Office 2010, you can click the following link for more information:

 (Remember that only BCPS Faculty/Staff can take advantage of the Office 2010/Windows 7 purchase at the huge price reduction. You will need to contact me for the code needed to finalize your purchase.)  NOTE:  If you have already purchased Office 2010 or Windows 7, you cannot purchase again until Office 2013 and Windows 8 is offered. If you have any problems or questions, please let me know.

PostHeaderIcon ***TECHNOLOGY Shutdown List***

Some extra technology reminders for the Christmas Break:


  • CPU Towers and Monitors –PLEASE be sure ALL computer monitors (unless your monitor is one with a faulty on/off button, then leave it on) and computer towers/CPU’s are OFF/shut down over the long break
  • Projectors – be sure your projector is OFF and not on AV/Mute
  • Document Cameras – be sure the document camera is OFF  (White Elmo’s – the button should be RED for Off.)
  • Classroom Audio Enhancement Microphones – please do NOT leave the microphones plugged in (charging) over the break; this has actually been known to cause damage to the mics from battery burnout
  • Slates / Handheld Interactive Devices – please do not leave the slates plugged in over the long break
  • ***E-readers (Nooks, Kindles), iPads, iPods, mobile devices (mini laptops, laptop carts)*** – please do not leave these items plugged in over the long break – it will take a few short hours to power these items back up and ready for use
  • Gray/Black Promethean Boards (see picture below) – be sure the on/off button to the left of the board is RED (off) – this shuts off the board and speakers
  • DVD’s/VCR’s/TV’s – please be sure your TV, VCR or DVD is OFF as well – main hallway TV’s or office TV’s especially 






If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

 Thank you and have very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,



PostHeaderIcon iPad as a Slate (Splashtop) vs. Projecting iPad Image (Apple TV) vs. Accessing eLocker from iPad (iTap RDP)

We have created a Scenario Guide to assist you in choosing the best “display” solution for what you want to accomplish with your iPad.

There are so many options available to display applications from your computer and mobile device onto a classroom projector.  Below are some common scenarios and how to accomplish these scenarios within our BCPS network.

Scenario 1:  I want to project what is on my iPad (apps) onto the projector screen / interactive board in my classroom.

Scenario 2:  I want to see and control what is on my desktop computer from my iPad while in my classroom and display it on my classroom projector.

Scenario 3:  I want to access my eLocker, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ActivInspire, or Smart Notebook Applications from my iPad at work or at home.

To find the solution to the Scenario (option) that you would like to accomplish, please see the PDF File Link  and subsequent installation guide links for each scenario.  These cheat sheets are also available on our Technology website along with various iPad App Resources:

Mobile Device Display Options for displaying PC Image / Device Image

As always, if you have any problems or questions regarding any technology item, please contact me.

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