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PostHeaderIcon Using Technology to Motivate Students

I work with some talented teachers!  They are always thinking of new ways to motivate students.  These teachers have always been great about integrating technology into instruction, but they decided to take it a step further.  They have used their musical, creative, and technological talents to create these motivational videos to to encourage their students to do their best in everything!  Kudos to Julie Hobbs, 4th grade teacher at Shepherdsville Elementary School; Dionna Bickley, 2nd / 3rd grade teacher at Crossroads Elementary, Leslie Weihe, 1st grade teacher at Crossroads Elementary; and to Amy Cuenca, Music teacher at Crossroads Elementary for using their talents to motivate students.  What a great way to integrate technology!!  Below you will find some examples of their creations!  Enjoy!!   ~Susan

“Crossroads Dynamite” by Dionna Bickley and Leslie Weihe; sung by Amy Cuenca

“Another Day as a Stingray” by Julie Hobbs

“I Gotta Feelin” by Julie Hobbs


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