August 10, 2011  Lessons for Opening Week 2011 2012

 August 11, 2011 continue opening week activities, pre-test for unit 1

 August 12th & 15th 2011 6th Unit One Lesson One 2011-2012 

August 16th-19th, 22nd 6th-grade-Social-Studies-unit-1-lesson-2 2011-2012

August 23rd-26th 6th-S.S.-Unit-1-Lesson-3 2011-2012 phases 1-3, August 29th-Sept. 9th phases 4-6

 Sept. 12th-13th 6th Unit 1 Lesson 4 2011-2012

Sept. 14th-15th 6th-Unit-1-Lesson-5-2011-2012

Sept. 16th Work on Study Guide for Unit One Assessment

Sept. 19th-20th: Go over study guide: review landforms with United Streaming film and notes

Sept. 21st Unit One Common Assessment

Sept. 22nd-30th, Oct. 3rd 6th-grade-Social-Studies-Unit-2-lesson-1 2011-2012 (also, on 26th, wrong answer analysis of unit 1 test)

Oct. 4th-5th 6th-Unit-2-Lesson-2 2011-2012

Oct. 6th-11th 6th-unit-2-lesson-3 2011-2012

Oct. 12-Nov. 1st 6th-unit-2-lesson-4 2011-2012

Nov. 2nd-4th and 7th 6th-unit-2-lesson-7 2011-2012 

Nov. 5th  6th Language unit-1-lesson-1

 Nov. 8th-9th and 14th 6th-unit-2-lesson-8 2011-2012

 Nov. 10th Veteran’s Day Lesson Plan 2011-2012

Nov. 15th review and quiz on ch. 8 Immigration

Nov. 16th, 21st and22nd, 28th and 29th 6th-Unit-3-Lesson-1 2011-2012

 Nov. 18th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-2

 Nov. 23rd-25th Thanksgiving Holdiay

Nov. 30th field trip to Gatti’s

Dec. 1st  6th-unit-3-lesson-2 2011-2012

 Dec. 2nd Language Lesson 3 Friday Language Lesson

 Dec. 5th. 6th-unit-3-lesson-4 2011-2012 

 Dec. 6th-7th 6th-unit-3-lesson-5 2011-2012

 Dec. 8th  6th-unit-3-lesson-6 2011-2012

Dec. 9th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-4

 Dec. 12th-14th 6th-unit-3-lesson-7 2011-2012

Dec. 15th 6th grade common assessment 2

Dec. 16th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-5

  Jan. 2nd Make-up tests and Wrong answer analysis for North America/Latin America common assessment

Jan 3rd 6th-unit-4-lesson-1 2011-2012

 Jan 4th-5th  6th-unit-4-lesson-2-2011-2012

Jan 6th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-5 (finish)

Jan 9th-10th finish Unit 4 lesson 2 (see above)

Jan. 11th-12th 6th-unit-4-lesson-3 2011-2012

 Jan. 13th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-6

Jan. 17th-18th  6th-unit-4-lesson-4 2011-2012, 6th-unit-4-lesson-5 2011-2012 students will “jigsaw” the seven European countries in these 2 lessons, making posters in groups then doing a gallery walk and sharing notes.

Jan. 19th 6th-unit-4-lesson-6 2011-2012

 Jan. 20th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-6B

 Jan. 23rd finish 6th-unit-4-lesson-6 2011-2012

Jan. 24th 6th-unit-4-lesson-7 2011-2012

Jan. 25th 6th-Unit-4-Lesson-10A 2011-2012 

Jan 26th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-6C

Jan.  30th-Feb.- 6th  6th-unit-4-lesson-8 2011-2012

(Feb. 3rd 6th Language unit-1-lesson-6C2)

 Feb. 7th-9th: 6th-unit-4-lesson-9 2011-2012

Feb. 10th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-6C3

Feb.  13th-15th  6th-unit-4-lesson-10 2011-2012

 Feb. 16th field trip to science museum

Feb. 17th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-6C4

 Feb. 21st Europe common assessment

Feb. 22nd-23rd 6th-unit-5-lesson-1 2011 2012

Feb. 24th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-7

Feb. 27th-28th  6th-unit-5-lesson-1A-2011-2012

Feb. 29th-March 1st and March 5th  6th-unit-5-lesson-2, 2011-2012

March 2nd 6th Language unit-1-lesson-8

March 6th and 8th 6th-unit-5-lesson-3 2011 2012

 March 7th field trip to stage one

 March 12th Unit-5-Lesson-4 2011-2012

 March 13th 6th-unit-5-lesson-5 2011-2012

March 14th-15th 6th-unit-5-lesson-6 2011-2012

March 16th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-9

 March 19th finish unit 5 lesson 6, then 6th-unit-5-lesson-7 2011-2012

 March 20th-21st 6th-unit-5-lesson-8 2011-2012

 March 22nd  6th-unit-5-lesson-9 2011-2012

March 23rd review of ie ei rules and spelling test (extention for Language Arts unit one lesson 9)

 March 26th finish Unit 5 lesson 9

March 27th Asia Common Assessment

March 28th pre-test for Africa unit

March 29th 6th-unit-6-lesson-1 2011-2012

March 30th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-9

April 2nd-3rd 6th-unit-6-lesson-1 2011-2012 

April 4th 6th-unit-6-lesson-2 2011-2012

April 5th-6th 6th-unit-6-lesson-3 2011-2012

 Spring Break April 9th-13th

April 16th-17th  jigsaw map of the Nile portion of:6th-unit-6-lesson-3 2011-2012

April 18th early release day Nile River Map Poster (extention of lesson 3)

April 19th  6th-unit-6-lesson-4 2011-2012

April  20th 6th Language unit-1-lesson-10

 April 23rd-24th 6th-unit-6-lesson-6 2011-2012

 April 25th-26th  6th-unit-6-lesson-7-2011-2012

April 27th Zoo Field Trip

April 30th: finish lesson 7 brochures and Nile River Posters; catch up any missing interactive workbook notes and turn in notebook for grading

 May 1st-3rd: 6th-unit-6-lesson-8-2011-2012

 May 7th-10th KPRP test; Australia foldable

May 9th 6th-unit-7-lesson-1

May 10th 6th-unit-7-lesson-2

 May 11th Africa/Australia Common assessment



















Australia Land & Resources






6th-unit-6-lesson-1 (start of Africa unit) 

April 23rd ZMS Common Assessment Asia 

April 22nd  6th-unit-5-lesson-10

April 21st 6th-unit-5-lesson-9

April 20th 6th-unit-5-lesson-8

April 19th: 6th-unit-5-lesson-7

April 18th: 6th-unit-5-lesson-6

April 13-15th 6th-unit-5-lesson-5

April 11-12th  Unit 5 Lesson 4

April 4th-8th Spring Break


March 31st 6th-unit-5-lesson-3

March 25th & 28th-30th  6th-unit-5-lesson-2

March 24nd District Common Assessment Europe

March 18th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd  6th-unit-5-lesson-1

March 17th ZMS Common Assessment: Europe

March 14th -16th 6th-unit-4-lesson-10

March 10th-11th 6th-unit-4-lesson-9

March 9th field trip to stage one

March 3rd,4th, & 7th and 8th  6th-unit-4-lesson-8

March 1st-2nd 6th-unit-4-lesson-7

Feb 24th-25th and 28th 6th-unit-4-lesson-6

 Feb. 23rd: 6th-unit-4-lesson-5

Feb 21st-22nd: 6th-unit-4-lesson-4 ( job cards)

Feb. 16th 6th-unit-4-lesson-3

Feb. 14th-15th 6th unit 4 lesson 2

Feb. 9th&11th 6th-unit-4-lesson-1(10th was a snow day)

Feb. 8thth South America Quiz

Feb. 3rd-4th, 6th & 7th 6th unit 3 lesson 7

January 31st-Feb 2nd 6th unit 3 lesson 6

January 25th,28th & 29th (27th snow day) 6th unit 3 lesson 5 

Jan. 24th: 6th unit 3 lesson 4

Jan. 21st snow day

Jan. 19th-20th review and ZMS common assessment #2 (Mexico)

Jan. 12th-14th, 17th& 18th: 6th unit 3 lesson 3

Jan. 11th snow day

Jan. 7th & 10th: unit 3 lesson 2 map of Mexico, 6th unit 3 lesson 2  

Jan. 6th District Common Assessment

Jan. 5th review for test 

Dec. 6th-10th, 14&15th, Jan. 3rd & 4th 6th Unit 3 Lesson 1

Dec. 3rd Chapter 8 Quiz

Nov 29th-Dec 2nd 6th 6th unit 2 lesson 8

Nov. 20th,22 & 23rd review & ZMS common assessment

Nov. 12th-19th: 6th unit 2 lesson 7

Nov. 11th:Veteran’s Day power point;Veteran’s Day Lesson Plan 

Nov. 10th 6th unit 2 lesson 6

Nov. 9th 6th grade SS Unit 2 lesson 5

Nov. 8th: Wrap up for unit 2 lesson 4: label all individual U.S. regions onto one large U.S. map

October 13-Nov. 5th 6th unit 2 lesson 4 For all film segments, go to United Streaming (follow link on this page) type in username: Zoneton, password: Zoneton. Type name of film into search bar, watch, and take notes. (See me for note format sheet for each segment) Film segments are as follows: #1: American Geography Close-ups: maps, regions, resources & climate, #2: U.S. Geography from Sea to Shining Sea: New England Region #3: U.S. Geography from Sea to Shining Sea: Middle Atlantic Region #4: American Geography Close-ups: Southeastern Region: Volume 01 #5: American Geography Close-ups: Midwest: Volume 01, #6: American Geography Close-ups: Pacific Region Volume 01, #7 U.S. Geography From Sea to Shining Sea: Mountain West Region, #8 American Geography Close-ups: Southwestern States: Volume 1

October 12 District Common Assessment #1

October 12 Review of Unit #1

Oct 10th 6th unit 2 lesson 3 go to united streaming (use link) type in username: Zoneton, Password: Zoneton. Type in film name:  American Geography close-ups: maps, regions, resouces and climate. Watch film. Take notes on handout


Oct. 6th 6th unit 1 lesson 7

Oct 5th Test on Chapters 3 & 4 Geography Alive

Sept 29th & Oct. 4th Geography Alive Chapter 3 & 4 Study Guide   

Sept. 27-28th: 6th Unit 2 Lesson 2

Sept. 13-24:  Start North America Unit: Canada  6th grade Social Studies Unit 2 lesson 1

August 31st-Sept.10th Thematic Maps 6th Grade Social Studies Unit 1 Lesson 6 extension for lesson 6: Go to United Streaming and type in . Username: Zoneton and password: Zoneton. Go to the search bar at the top and type in Geographical Features: Landforms. Watch film and take notes on this handout: landforms notes turn notes in for grading!

August 23rd-30th Geoterms & Phases 1-4 6th S.S. Unit 1 Lesson 5

August 17th-20th 5 Themes of Geography 6th grade Social Studies unit 1, lesson 4

August 16th latitude & longitude 6th Grade Social Studies Unit 1 Lesson 3

August 13, 2010 Continent “Pie” 6th Grade Social Studies Unit 1 Lesson 2

August 12, 2010   6th S.S. Unit 1 Lesson 1 continent location

August 11, 2010 (opening day) Opening day agend