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It is the responsibility

of the student

to obtain, complete, & submit

all work

to their X-Block teacher.



2011-2012 Mentor Teacher Assignments

(once you open the Excel document

use <CONTROL + F> command to search for your name)



Fall Senior X-Blocks 2011

Feel free to peruse the 2010 Fall X-Blocks information (found below) for lessons such as: Writing Your College Admissions Essay, Interviewing Techniques (lots of great questions in Work Packet 3), Writing the Rough Draft, and Presentation Techniques.


Mr. Osborne

Session 1 — September 16

Session 2 — October 19

Session 3 — November 16

  • The Presentation will be the focus on November 16.�
    • This week we’ll be doing the lesson on the labeled as Week 8.
    • We’ll be doing run-throughs of your presentations this week.  As this is the final X-Block session students would do well to be prepared so that constructive criticism can be given by your X-Blocks teacher and peers.
    • Some examples of winning PowerPoints are located on the Q: drive (please see your X-Blocks or Mentor teacher to see these Examples of WIN!
    • Remember, there are many ways to present your topic… a PPT is not the only way!!
  • Due: Final Draft of Paper, Project Visual, Presentation
  • Turn in papers to your Senior X-Block teachers on Wednesday Nov. 16 (the last date that papers will be accepted is Nov. 18).
  • Late Papers: on the 17th/18th will be turned in at the front office.
  • Bring a copy of your paper to your Mentor Teacher on (or before) the day of the presentation.








Fall Senior X-Blocks 2010

If you need one of the files & the link is broken, please email me at and let me know which file(s) you need.  Thanks!

An asterisk (*) after a link denotes an item / activity that should be turned in for class credit.

Week 1

Week 2

  • Additional links are provided in the lesson plan

Week 3

  • Student Packet 3
  • * (examples of sources were provided in class — if you need to make this up you will need to find your own sources)

Week 4 & 5

Week 6

  • See also Page 3 of the Senior Project Student Packet (Week 1) and Hieroglyphs (Week 2) for writing structure; & Week 3 Citation Packet / MLA Made Easy for how to properly cite your sources.

Week 7

Week 8

  • Participation in Class*

Weeks 9 & 10

  • Practice run-throughs of Senior Projects
  • Participation in Class*
  • Week 10 Final Survey (used in 2010, not used in 2011)






Spring Senior X-Blocks

Week 1 – 02-18-11

Week 2 — 02-25-11

Week 3 – 03-11-11

Week 4 – 03-18-11

  • Social Networking – Turn in 5 things that you will do (or have already done to protect.
  • Social Networking

Week 5 —04-01-11

  • Drunk Driving Movie & Audio File will not upload to this site.  Please email Mr. Osborne at to receive the files.  Please indicate what files / week of X-Blocks you need.
  • Drunk Driving PowerPoint
  • All Thumbs
  • View movie, listen to audio file, view PowerPoint, and read “All Thumbs.”
  • Write a 3×5 paper (intro, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion) response paper titled “AWARENESS” and submit to your X-Blocks teacher.

Week 6 – 04-11-11

  • Time Management (read and follow instructions)
  • Complete pages 34-35
  • Complete the Weekly Schedule (last page) for how a typical week for you (right now) is scheduled.  This tool is EXTREMELY useful for post-high school time management.

Week 7 – 04-22-11

  • Stress Management (technical issues uploading file, with “Stress Management” in the subject header to receive this file).